Why Keys to Reading works

When explaining and teaching  Keys to Reading we always focus on the question “WHY?”

The reality is if a child asks why something is the way it is, then they are clearly engaged in the subject. Keys teaches all aspects of literacy by answering WHY something is done or WHY it is better to do it in a certain way.

This allows for understanding and acceptance of rules in spelling and literacy generally.

Children are given the opportunity to use the newly learned skill in their everyday experience of communication, reading and writing. These skills are integrated and cemented into memory and recalled more effectively, because they understand WHY.

So often children, particularly those who are predominantly visual, can see when the spelling of a word is incorrect, but have no  skills to fix it. Keys to Reading supplies the reasons for a confident  application of the rules.

Teaching Keys to Reading at The  Learning Centres has confirmed that the strategy of asking WHY? before telling them WHAT? is the correct basis for successful acquisition of skills in Maths and Literacy for any age.

Understanding WHY triggers that section of the brain which factors in trust and emotion and integrates  and cements the skills  into memory, allowing  more effective recall.

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