Will it confuse my child with what they are learning at school?

  • No, it will support what they are learning at school with a greater understanding of how words work, because it is a sequence building on prior knowledge, paced according to the child’s ability. 

How does it work?

  • After pre-testing to establish what the child knows and doesn’t know about strategies for literacy, writing and spelling, the child is set on a certain Key and moves forward as knowledge is accumulated to complete the fifteen Keys.

 How long does it take to become an independent reading?

  • This depends on weekly regular attendance, commitment from the child and support from parents about three times a week, for no longer than 10 minutes at a time, to review what the child has learned. From experience, confidence and improvement follows very quickly as the child masters each Key.

 Is it suitable for high school students?

  • Many students arrive at high school with gaps in their knowledge of literacy, particularly in spelling, reading strategies and de-coding. Pre-testing establishes these gaps and they can be remedied by one-to-one tutoring once a week.

 Can it be adapted to the classroom?

  • Yes, again students can be pre-tested and grouped according to their level in Keys, for ongoing instruction and progression in  the sequential Keys program.

 How do I know the program has worked for my child?

  • Testing occurs at the end of each Key, before moving on to the next Key.

What if my child has no idea how to read and write - and is considered a non-reader and writer?

  • Level O in Keys is specifically designed to kick start the child on the pathway to reading through writing.