Scope and Sequence of Keys to Reading

Keys to Reading is a fun journey to unravelling the mysteries of the most basic elements of English literacy. As literacy educators, we are always aiming to remove the mystery and misconception that the English language is very difficult to learn because its rules are so full of exceptions.

With the Keys to Reading program, by the time the student realises that there are inconsistencies, they hopefully have such a strong grasp of the rules that they can deal with the exceptions. This is the world of “Keys to Reading”

  • Focal points of this program are sounds, rules, syllabification, patterns and grammar. Contained within these focal points are reading, writing and comprehension
  • A cornerstone of this program is “linking” – linking reading to writing and linking writing to reading. This linking drives this program in a powerful way, assisting its students in every step towards learning the strategies that will equip them in the acquisition of literacy skills from the most basic level and onwards.
  • The program quite literally links one step to the next, aiming to build on previous points as it goes
  • Incidental revision continues throughout the units, and the writers have remained very particular about remaining within the boundaries of what has already been taught/learned so that the student gains confidence and strength to later accept variations and later on, exceptions to the rules

At the Learning Centres this process along with Keys is helping children manage the English language in a way that is meaningful, interesting interactive and fun.