Key 0

KEY O: For non-readers  and non-writers, who know less than 12 high frequency words, this level is specifically designed to kickstart the child on the pathway to reading through writing.

At the end of level O children can:

  • Write and read 12 high frequency words
  • Write correct formation of words supported by Keys Letterbooks
  • Identify the name and sound of each letter by being able to say the name and the sound
  • Use one-to-one matching of letters
  • Use left ot right direction of writing and return sweep
  • Create spaces between words
  • Use full stops at the end of a sentence
  • Begin to use sound boxes (hear and record sounds in sequence)

KEY 1:

Vowels and their rules of operation

Importance of the letter “y” and e on the end pf a word

KEY 2:

Beginning of Syllabification

Concept of Main Word and Endings

How to solve confusion of “g/j” and “u/a”


Common phonograms and rules

More endings

Word building using endings 


KEY 4:

Pairs of phonemes and why they happen

Eg: ai/ay   oi/oy   oo/ ew and more

Vowels have more sounds Eg: 3rd sound of “u”