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Why this program is titled Keys to Reading™

Keys to ReadingTM unlocks the basic rules and patterns found in the English language to enable students to apply decoding of words for reading and writing. Each KEY (or chapter) of the program unlocks understanding of how the English language works.

Children need to know WHY in order to understand WHAT. An example is the teaching of the five vowels and the explanation of WHY the vowels are so important, which leads to greater understanding of how words work.

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Why Keys to Reading?

The aim of Keys is actually have a system to spelling in a graded order that can be used for any age.

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What teachers say


As a tutor of primary and high school students, I find Keys to Reading an invaluable tool for my literacy program. The scheme is graded and uses checklists to ensure that students are secure before moving to a higher level. Strategies for teachers are also woven into the various levels so that understanding is achieved from both the spoken and the written word. An excellent program with proven success. 

Christine Wenborn

What parents say


As a parent, I have been connected with Cronulla Learning Centre and Keys to Reading for over ten years. My little girl came in March this year as she had started Kindergarten as a complete non-reader and had no idea of how words would work. The end of year assessment of Keys to Reading shows she has improved by a reading age of 2 years. The improvement in her understanding of language is outstanding.

Claudia Antunes

What teachers say


As a trained and experienced High School English teacher over the last several years, I found a great sense of achievement through teaching young students to spell, read and write after I retrained to use the Keys to Reading program. The amount of progress a young non-reader can make when this program is astounding.The straight forward spelling rules and explanations allow the student to be able spell and read many new words easily and of course, “why” the word is spelt that way. know “why”. I cannot recommend Keys to Reading highly enough.

Justine Kerz / B.A Dip Ed