Introductory Information for parents

Keys to Reading™ unlocks the basic rules and patterns found in the English language to enable students to master reading and writing.

Each Key (or chapter) unlocks the secrets to understanding how the English language works. The 15 Keys are designed to build on the mastery of the previous Key previous so students are confident and strong at each level before moving to the next.

Each Key contains several lessons and as confidence builds, variations and exceptions to rules of spelling and grammar are introduced.  Incidental revision occurs throughout the units.


An initial assessment of the student establishes the correct Key level that the student should start at. 

The program, which  can be delivered by a one-to-one tutor or parent, focusses on the student mastering each step before moving on. This avoids being overwhelmed by learning all the English rules at the outset.

The teaching strategy focusses on sounds, syllabification, word patterns and grammar. These focus areas are integrated into reading, comprehension and writing activities.

A cornerstone of “Keys to Reading” is linking these activities, assisting students at every step to learn the strategies to acquire literacy skills from the most basic level.


Standardised testing before, after and during course delivery, enables individual progress to be measured and reviewed for each student. Keys to Reading has been assisting thousands of students with a range of learning speeds and aptitudes for over 20 years. 


The scope and sequence of Keys to Reading™ runs parallel to the reading level books of NESA (NSW Education Authority.)

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