Introductory Information for teachers

Keys to Reading Program has been delivered successfully since 2004 in a number of privately-owned Learning Centres in NSW. Since it´s inception, in excess of 500 students per week have received a 45 minute guided session per week over four terms or until a satisfactory reading level is achieved. They are re-assessed either at the end of each year or according to need when they are seen to have gained sufficient confidence for classroom teacher guided self-improvement.

Qualified primary and secondary teachers deliver the sessions on a one-to-one basis. However, children could be clustered into Keys levels for small group instruction within a group environment. The methodology for establishing the Keys benchmark for each student is based on a combination of assessments:

  • Keys pre-test - establishes knowledge of how words work and the Keys level and specified scope and sequence at which the intervention will apply. 
  • Burts Reading Words to identify the reading age-based ability to break down words.
  • Reading Recovery - to establish comprehension levels of all types, how the student holds meaning and the strategies they use.
  • Standardised South Australian Spelling test to establish spelling age. Keys Spelling program links to Keys Reading. 
  • Although NAPLAN results do not establish reading age level, nevertheless, valuable information from these will feed into the overall picture.
  • Individual teacher knowledge of a student may also assist to establish the correct starting point in the program

Teachers will require training in the methodology and delivery, but the How Words Work Keys to Reading Rule Book and support material, provides the teacher with a guided program.